Equiflair’s Favourite LeMieux Summer Saddle Pads

May 24, 2021 2 min read

Equiflair’s Favourite LeMieux Summer Saddle Pads

Ahhh summer is so close we can almost smell the sunset hacks, beach rides and cross-country schooling days. Although granted, we need the English weather to brighten up at some point and the infamous sun to make an appearance. But there’s no harm in getting yourself prepared for summer with your four legged bestie, and what better way is there to do this than browsing potential new saddle pad additions to your collection?

LeMieux Self-Cooling Saddle Pads

LeMieux Self-Cooling Saddle Pad

When it comes to summer saddle pads, these must be top of our list. Not only to they look fantastic on most horse colours, but they’re also packed full of innovative technologies to help keep your horse cool. These pads are designed with FeelCool Ice material which has a cooling crystal kneaded into the weave of the fabric. This is activated by moisture, so the more your horse works up a sweat, the more cooling the effect will be! The crystals have incredible properties which gradually absorb and wick sweat away from your horse. There is also a carbon mesh spine insert wo reduce pressure across the back and withers, as well as allowing heat to rise and escape through the top of the pad. The LeMieux Self-Cooling Saddle Pads come in a close contact or dressage style, with four different colours to choose from – Cool Blue, Polar Grey, Spearmint or Arctic White.

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Le Mieux Cooling Pad

LeMieux Carbon Mesh Close Contact Half Square

LeMieux Carbon Mesh Close Contact Half Pad

This pad combines cutting edge style with technical fabrics. The LeMieux Close Contact Half Square is made from a unique 3D mesh material which allows for maximum air flow when you’re riding your horse. It is constructed for optimum temperature control meaning air can flow freely in multiple directions, as well as having fantastic moisture wicking qualities to help keep your horse comfortable and cool. This pad also has a bamboo lining, which is super soft and performs well in all weather conditions. You have three fab colours to choose from - Mulberry, Grey and Black. We think this pad would be an essential for schooling or jumping sessions in the sun.

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LeMieux Glace Saddle Pads

LeMieux Glace Saddle Pad Musk

In our opinion you can’t do summer without looking bright and bold, and we think the LeMieux Glace Collection will do exactly that! These pads are designed with a delicate marbling effect in the colours Musk, Sage, Grey and Navy – they’re made to make you stand out from the crowd. They also come in three different fits, close contact, dressage, and general purpose so that there is something for every discipline. We personally love the close contact styles and how they look when show jumping. The soft bamboo lining will minimise friction on sensitive horses as well as absorbing sweat meaning your horse will both look and feel cool and comfortable. To complete the whole look, you can also buy a base layer, hat silk, fly veil and even socks!

LeMieux Glace Collection

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