6 Ways to Beat the January Blues

January 17, 2022 3 min read

6 Ways to Beat the January Blues

We’re not sure about you, but there’s something about January that always makes us feel unmotivated and a bit down in the dumps. As equestrians, January is a pretty rubbish month anyway – we’re cold, tired, and dying for a few more hours of sunlight so we can go hacking on an evening. There are always ways to try perk yourself up though, so if you’re feeling blue this January why not try following some of our tips to turn your frown upside down.

Spend some quality time with your horse

Girl brushing her horses forelock with a LeMieux tangle tidy brush

A pamper session with your horse is GUARANTEED to make you feel happier – horses are the best medicine after all. It can be super therapeutic for us to get the grooming brushes out and just focus on cleaning up your horse for half an hour. You could even go whole hog and try tidying up that mane and tail while you’re at it. Grooming also is bound to leave your horse in a good mood, which can be brilliant before a training session – especially if you find that special scratchy spot!

Give yourself something to look forward to

Have you got something in particular that you’re just dying to do with your horse this year? Maybe you’re finally ready to enter that 80cm showjumping class, or perhaps it’s on your bucket list to take your horse for a beach blast? Well, now is the perfect time to set those wheels in motion and set a date in the diary. Having lots of things to look forward to always cheers us up when we’re feeling glum and can certainly help January to pass quickly.

Take the pressure off

Girl riding her horse who is smiling and patting the horses neck

As riders, it’s often easy to get disappointed with your progress, or to put unnecessary pressure on yourself if a ride doesn’t quite go to plan. Remember the reason you started riding in the first place – because it was fun and because you love horses. It might be a good idea to try forgetting about any goals you have for a few sessions of every week and just enjoy being in the moment and riding your horse.

Set yourself realistic goals

January is the perfect time to take a step back, review our progress and create some new goals for the year. However, it’s important to ensure your goals are realistic for yourself and your horses abilities. For example, if you have never done a ODE before but you’d really like to do one this year then it might be an idea to look at smaller, unaffiliated competitions rather than diving straight in at BE90. We’d always recommend speaking to your instructor to help you establish goals that are achievable for both you and your horse.

Wear something colourful!

Girl and her horse smiling at the camera, wearing a yellow base layer and fly hood

This might sound silly, but warm colours such as yellows, reds, pinks, and oranges can genuinely have a positive effect on your mood! The brighter and lighter the colour, the happier and more optimistic you will feel about life. So, the next time you ride, why not pick out your favourite LeMieux matchy matchy set to help brighten your day. If your horsey wardrobe is lacking colour, we have plenty of LeMieux Dijon left in our January sale. We’re currently offering 40% off the whole collection so you can treat yourself without feeling any guilt that you’ve spent too much money straight after Christmas!

Look at what you’ve achieved so far 

Write down one thing that you’ve achieved this year that you’re proud of and it will help to put things into perspective. The best is definitely yet to come for the rest of 2022!

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