3 Equestrian trends we previously could not live without (and how they’ve changed!)

May 04, 2021 3 min read

3 Equestrian trends we previously could not live without (and how they’ve changed!)

We’ve all been that young, eager girl with an obsession for horses that just could not be tamed despite the endless nights playing the numerous Pippa Funnel PC Games. We needed the real thing. If you cast your mind back to those Saturday mornings at your local stables helping out in return for free rides, or perhaps you were lucky enough to have your own pony and you spent all your free time looking after him or her. Either way, you’ll be sure to remember some of the fashion choices back then. We’re about to take a ride down memory lane to help jog your memory, and show you just how much equestrian fashion has changed in recent years!

The Two-Tone Jodhpurs

Two Tone Jodhpurs

Still an ultimate classic for most horsey kids, but remember when literally everyone would own an extensive wardrobe of these beauties regardless of age? If you were older you might have a slightly more sophisticated black and grey, or if you were younger bright pink and purple were a look! Nowadays, the stylishly sporty riding tights or leggings are way more popular. An almost cross between gym leggings and Jodhs, the idea is that these will keep you looking fashionable at the yard or if you have to make a quick pitstop to the supermarket after seeing to the horses. The technical fabrics used are also lightweight and quick drying, making them excellent choices for the spring/ summer months.


The Argyle Socks

Argyle Socks

A true style icon. Loved by many, these long socks covered with an argyle print were a stables staple. You’d wear your wellies all day with your socks on underneath. Then when it came to riding, you’d whip your short jodhpur boots out and put them on without chaps (obviously) so you could show your socks off to the world. You’d have a colour for every occasion – pink, blue, purple -you name it! Of course, socks will always be essential in our equestrian wardrobe, but these tend to be hidden behind your latest Mountain Horse Sovereigns or Tredstep Field Boots.


The Joules Polo Shirts

Joules Polo Shirt

We still love these at Equiflair, but there was once a time when everybody had at least 5 in their riding wardrobe. You’d have a big number on the front and back which would always make you feel number 1 when at the yard. Not only were they perfect for those hot summer days with the horses, they also looked pretty cool with a pair of jeans too. These polo shirts seem to have been replaced with the ever more popular base layers. Made from a more technical fabric, these are designed to keep you cool over summer, or layered up during winter to keep you warm. Plus, they come in an array of fabulous colours. We love base layers and polos alike but inside we’re itching for the Joules ones to be brought back to the fashion spotlight!


Although the times have changed, these three trends are the ones that stick out the most for us at Equiflair. We no longer dread bumping into someone we know whilst in our horsey clothes down at the shop, but we can certainly remember it!

Let us know if you have any other trends that you remember that you think deserve a mention, we’d love to hear them.

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