The Equiflair Winter Boot Edit

October 27, 2021 3 min read

The Equiflair Winter Boot Edit

Cold nights, dark mornings, muddy fields… winter is sad enough without throwing cold feet into the mix too! If your winter boots are hanging on by a thread from last year or if this is your first winter as a horse owner, then listen carefully as we go through your top choices for warm winter boots.

For a Good All Purpose Boot – The Mountain Horse Snowy River Tall Boots

The Snowy River Boots in Black

If you’re after a long riding boot that’s comfortable for riding in but you also won’t feel guilty keeping them on to do your yard jobs, then look no further. The Mountain Horse Snowy River Boots are exactly what you need. They’re made from a durable, full grain leather material so they can last even the harshest of winters. Up the middle of the shaft is waterproof, which is constructed by the use of cell sealing cement and gusset technology to keep your feet dry when you’re trekking over to the field. The best part though, is the soft fleece lining which has brilliant insulation to keep your feet and calves warm. The sole is super chunky as well, so you can easily get away with doubling them up as a yard boot as they are great for gripping wet surfaces and tough enough to not break from everyday wear from mucking out.

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For the Perfect Country Boot – The Mountain Horse Devonshire Country Boots

The Mountain Horse Devonshire Long Boots

For a good, solid country boot that won’t let you down then the Mountain Horse Devonshire Boots could be your ideal partner for winter. They’re completely waterproof and windproof so that whether you’re off down the fields, walking your dogs or mucking out, you won’t be hit with that sudden sensation of wet feet! They’re ergonomically designed so they’re super comfortable, and the sole has ShockX technology which provides outstanding shock absorption on rocky terrain. These are slightly wider at the calf and come up a little on the roomy side, so you’ve got plenty of space if you want to wear thick socks or welly warmers. Therefore, we’d recommend just keeping to your usual shoe size rather than going a size up which is what most people do when buying boots.

Shop the Mountain Horse Devonshire Country Boots.

If You’re Not Keen on Long Boots – The Mountain Horse Snowy River Paddock Boots

Snowy River Paddock Boots

We know that not everybody is overly keen on longer boots, which is why Mountain Horse have designed the Snowy River Boots in two short styles as well. The Snowy River Paddock Boots have all the same features as the tall boots except they’re short! Made from a waterproof full grain leather, they will still keep your feet dry through puddles and they still have the luxurious faux fur lining so your feet don’t get cold. These boots come in two styles – either a lace up (which looks similar to walking boots) or a zipped front (which are more like traditional jodhpur boots).

Snowy River Lace Up Paddock Boots

The lace up design we’d say would be more suited to somebody who wanted a warm yard boot for doing yard jobs and walking the dog due to the overall style. On the other hand, if somebody just wanted a practical, sturdy, warm jodhpur boot then we’d recommend going for the zipped front design.

Shop the Mountain Horse Lace up Boots and Zipped Jodhpur Boots.

The Stylish Equestrians Choice – The Joules Collette Wellies and Welly Socks

Joules Collette Wellies

These fashionable wellies have been specifically designed with equestrian style in mind. The main stand out features are the ‘fairfax and favour-esque’ interchangeable tassels on the zips, which can be swapped and changed for different colours dependent on your mood! We just love the way that these look with a pair of jeans and would be ideal for a long Sunday walk followed by a pub lunch by the fire. Now, you may be thinking that wellies are far too cold for winter. Luckily, Joules have thought of this issue as well and have created a beautifully soft, fleece welly sock which you can line the inside of your wellies with. These welly socks not only keep your feet warm, but they also put your mind at rest due to the fact they’re made from recycled materials that would otherwise have gone into a landfill. Sounds good to us!

Shop the Joules Collette Wellies and Welly Socks.

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