Jodhpurs, breeches and riding tights explained

June 09, 2021 2 min read

PS of Sweden Cindy riding tights in black with a full seat silicone design on the back

Jodhpurs and breeches have been a staple in our riding wardrobes for as long as we can remember, and over the past few years there’s been a new kid on the block – riding tights. But what does each style bring to the table, and which is best suited to you?

What’s the difference between Jodhpurs, breeches, and tights?

We’re glad you asked! Not many people do know the difference since all styles look very similar. They’re all made of a stretchy, tight fitting material to allow optimum comfort for long periods in the saddle. Some of them include pockets for your phone or a full silicone seat for those moments where you might need extra grip. However, they do all have their differences.


Two tone jodhpurs in bright pink with a black full seat design.Jodhpurs are designed to be worn with with jodhpur boots, therefore meaning they are full length riding trousers. They are always made with excess material at the bottom so you can wear jodhpur clips or chaps which stop them riding up your leg. Because children when showing must wear Jodhpur boots and clips up to becoming a teenager, Jodhpurs are more popular among the younger riders.


Image of 3 LeMieux Freya breeches in navy, grey and burgundyBreeches are pretty much the opposite to Jodhpurs in that they’re not designed to be full length. They are slightly shorter in length and stop just above the ankle meaning they should be worn with long riding boots. Breeches generally tend to be made of a more robust material than Jodhpurs too and can sometimes even be waterproof!


Image of LeMieux riding tights in grey

Having only really come into existence in recent years, riding tights are by far the more popular choice for most riders – particularly in the summer. Made from more technical and moisture wicking fabrics, riding tights are made to resemble gym leggings in look and feel. The idea is that they are made to look sportier and fit like a second skin. They are also ‘pull on’ and feature a stretchy waistband. Because of the fact that they’re thinner it makes them perfect for the warmer weather too.

At Equiflair we stock a wide range of riding tights, jodhpurs, and breeches for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for new jodhs for you child’s first showing class, or something trendy for your next arena hire, we have something to suit everyone.

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