Sustainable Equestrian Brands at Equiflair

July 27, 2021 3 min read

Sustainable Equestrian Brands at Equiflair

It’s important now more than ever for businesses to be contributing in a positive way to combat the climate crisis. The fashion industry contributes to a large amount of pollution in our environment – and is actually the second biggest polluter in the world with the use of petrol being the main one. Although we may not realise it, the equestrian industry has a lot to answer for in this space. When we think of equestrian items the term ‘fast fashion’ doesn’t naturally come to mind. However, the sad reality of this is that the market is over saturated with cheaper, lower quality products that don’t last as long.

We pride ourselves on only supplying brands with quality at the forefront of their designs because whether you’re buying a new jacket or a pair of riding boots, we want your items to last as long as possible without needing to be replaced. So, we’ve decided to explain what just some of our amazing brands are doing to reduce their carbon footprint while keeping their quality top notch.

Equestrian Stockholm

Equestrian Stockholm

Equestrian Stockholm are making big moves in terms of sustainability, and it has become a natural part of the company. They are constantly looking for new ways to minimise their impact on nature and have the ambition to be leaders in sustainability issues. They have focused their environmental policy on delivering functional, durable products which last for a long time. And they do this by only choosing high quality, environmentally friendly fabrics.

Polyester is the most commonly used fabric for its durability and long life span. However, a lot of natural resources are required to produce polyester so wherever possible Equestrian Stockholm will use only recycled polyester fabrics. This is a great option because it uses less energy and chemicals during the manufacturing process.

Equestrian Stockholm Jacket Eco Filling

Instead of using down as insulation for jackets or gilets, they have chosen an Eco-friendly filling which has a fantastic warming effect, as well as being water and wind resistant.  This filling consists of 100% recycled material where a combination of recycled coffee beans and plastic bottles are used. Thanks to the coffee beans, the filling has a natural odour control to keep the jackets fresher for longer, reducing the need to wash unnecessarily. This saves on both the emissions from your washing machine, as well as improving the long-term wear! A win-win situation.  

You can read more about more of the fabulous initiatives Equestrian Stockholm are working on here.

Mountain Horse

Mountain Horse Fabrics

Mountain Horses’ philosophy is to integrate sustainability throughout the business, and to offer affordable equestrian fashion with quality. They constantly strive to improve their processes by reducing water, chemicals, and energy, as well as choosing environmentally friendly materials.

One of the fabrics that is used in their breeches is called Tencel. Tencel is a natural material which is manufactured from cellulose – a compound which is formed from fast growing tree varieties. The manufacturing process is environmentally friendly due to the ‘closed loop’ process which means that as much as possible is recycled and reused. It’s because of this that led to Tencel being awarded


‘The European Award for the Environment” by the EU. As well as this Tencel is also a technical material that has many advantages. It’s soft, comfortable, moisture wicking and incredibly hardwearing to name a few which makes it an excellent choice for riding! 

There are plenty more ways that Mountain Horse are contributing to creating a more sustainable business, which you can read about here.

PS of Sweden

PS of Sweden

When it comes to the tanning of leather products, businesses have two options – chrome or vegetable tanned leather. Chrome tanned leather essentially uses a solution of chemicals, acids and salts to tan the hide. The processing time is fast and it’s generally cheap to do. But there’s more to it than just this. Chrome is a substance that is associated with allergic reactions in animals and humans and can even be transferred into chrome 6 which may cause cancer. Not exactly the kind of thing you’d want your horses’ bridle to be made out if! It’s also not an environmentally friendly way to tan leather, because in the process of using the chemicals, they are released into the environment and often not disposed of in a sustainable way.

Veg tanned leather

That’s why PS of Sweden have taken a stand to only use vegetable tanned leather for their bridles – a far more environmentally friendly process. Rather than using harmful chemicals, vegetable tanning uses only natural substances derived from plants such as tree bark, gall nuts or tara pods. It also gives the leather a more supple feel, and that sweet smell we associate with our tack – heaven!

You can read more about PS of Sweden’s Responsibility here.


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