Mother's Day Gift Guide for Equestrians

March 02, 2022 3 min read

Mother's Day Gift Guide for Equestrians

Are you on the hunt for a special Mother's Day gift for your equestrian mum? Maybe you both share the same love of horses, and she’s always on hand to give you a leg up at shows or muck out when you’re busy with work or school? Either way, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite gift ideas so that you can treat your mum to a special treat this Mother’s Day. Plus don’t forget that we offer free shipping on UK orders over £20, so you can be assured your items will arrive well before the 27th March.

Pikeur Paluna Joggers

Pikeur Paluna Joggers

If you’re after a more luxury gift, and you have a bigger budget to buy your mum something extra nice then these Pikeur Paluna Joggers would be perfect – especially if your mum seems to spend all her time rushing around with no down time! These joggers might encourage your mum to chill out and put her feet up in front of the telly for change thanks to the comfortable, breathable fabric and relaxed fit. Equally, if your mum enjoys going out competing every weekend, then they can be popped on over her show breeches to keep them clean while she gets ready.

The Pikeur Paluna Joggers are priced at £79.95, and are available here.

Eskadron Socks and Headband

Eskadron Fanatics Knee Socks and Headband in the colour Antique Green

Nobody can ever have too many pairs of socks right? Equestrians in particular go through socks like they’re going out of fashion, so why not treat your mum to a new pair of Eskadron Socks and throw an Earwarmer Headband in for good measure too? This Eskadron headband is brilliant because it’s thin enough to fit underneath a riding helmet to keep your ears warm while you ride. It even has a low hole in the back for a ponytail to be pulled through! You could also pop these items into a box, and add a couple of your mums favourite treats in there alongside them such as bubble bath or chocolates as an added extra.

The Eskadron Fanatics Knee Socks are priced at £13.95, and the Eskadron Fanatics Sporty Headband Earwarmer is £21.95.

Joules Slippet Luxe Slippers

Joules Slippet Luxe Slippers

There’s nothing better than coming home from an evening at the stables, and changing from your muddy boots into plush, fluffy slippers. These Joules slippers are so soft and warm thanks to the faux fur lining and trim so would be absolute heaven for cold feet after a day of mud and rain! If your mum is also a dog lover (sausage dog lover to be more accurate!) then she is bound to love the charming motif pictured on the front of the slippers. They also feature a grippy underside so that whether she’s dancing in the kitchen or putting her feet up she won’t slip.

The Joules Slippet Luxe Character Slippers are very reasonably priced at £24.95 and are available here.

LeMieux Luxe Hoodie

Bright purple LeMieux Luxe Hoodie, worn by a blonde equestrian woman

As Spring is well and truly on the way, maybe your mum would appreciate something to help refresh her riding wardrobe? The LeMieux Luxe Hoodie is made from a thin, breathable fabric which is ideal for when it’s too warm for a coat but not quite warm enough for just a t shirt. It has handy pockets to the front and a hood to help keep the wind out on those breezier days.  If your mum love bright colours, the hoodie comes in Bluebell, Watermelon and Papaya– the new LeMieux Spring/Summer colours which are bold, beautiful and will definitely help her stand out at the yard!

The LeMieux Luxe Hoodies are £44.95, and can be found here.

A new saddlepad

Dijon yellow LeMieux Loire Saddlepad with memory foam stop cushions and matching fly veil.

If your mum is a saddlepad addict (the best of us are!) then we all know the best way to her heart is to buy her another saddlepad to add to her collection. Depending on whether she prefers flatwork, jumping or a bit of everything we have a saddlepad to suit. Luckily for you, all of the LeMieux AW21 saddlepads are now in our clearance sale and you can get up to 45% off all Dijon saddlepads which is a pretty good bargain if we do say so ourselves. Although Dijon was brought out for Winter, it’s gorgeous yellow tone would look just as good for summer.

The Dijon collection can be browsed here, saddlepad prices start from just £24.72.

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