Equiflair Explains: How to Fit Your Long Horse Riding Boots

May 07, 2021 3 min read

Equiflair Explains: How to Fit Your Long Horse Riding Boots

Have you ever bought a pair of long riding boots, and within months of wearing them you find they no longer fit? For example, they’ve gone baggy around your calf and dropped too low. Chances are they haven’t been fitted correctly in the first instance. It can be tricky knowing exactly how to measure yourself for long boots, especially when each brand has different sizing specifications that their boots are based on. We’ve written a short guide to explain the brilliant basics of fitting your long riding boots.

Step One: Measuring

Prior to going shopping or browsing the web for your new boots, we’d recommend taking your measurements using a tape measure. It’s easiest if you can get a friend or family member to help you out with this bit. Make sure that you’re wearing breeches or riding tights that you’d usually wear with your boots and sit down in a straight chair with your feet flat on the floor.

Using a measuring tape, have your helper measure your calf around its widest point. To do this, measure your calf at three different points, and use the largest measurement taken as the widest point. It’s important not to increase this measurement when you jot it down. To begin with, your boots will fit snugly and should be tricky to get on but as they are worn in, they will become looser and more comfortable to wear. Make sure the tape stays level and doesn’t twist round as you’re taking your reading, as it could result in an inaccurate figure.  

For measuring the height of the boot, ask your helper to measure from your knee straight down to the floor and jot down the findings.

Step Two: Fitting

Now that you’ve got your correct measurements, you can start to browse for your new boots! Again, it's important to remember that each brand is totally different in terms of their sizing, so never just assume you’ll be a regular because you were in your previous boots. Always look for a size chart and compare your measurements to here. If you’re ordering online, make sure you can send your boots back if they don’t fit. We have size charts for all of our boots. We stock many big brands such as Mountain Horse and Tredstep, so if you live locally to Huddersfield we are more than happy to help fit your boots to you if you pop into the store.

Long riding boots will drop around 2 inches once they’re worn in, so allow some extra room for the height. When trying on your boots they may feel uncomfortable but once the leather softens they will hopefully be a perfect fit. If you’re struggling to zip the boots up, we always suggest slipping your thumb against the inside of the zip and doing them up this way – again might be best to ask someone for help! If you’re by yourself, you can always try pushing all your weight forwards and bending your knee forwards slightly which should help the zip go up easier.

Step 3: One Final Check

If you’re happy with the design and fit of your chosen boots, it’s always a good idea to walk around a little in them, whether that’s at home or up and down the shop. Check that you can still wiggle your toes and they’re not pressed right up into the end of the boot.

Once you’ve bought your boots, we always think it’s a good idea to wear them about your house for a little while before you start riding in them as it will help to stretch the leather and make them more comfortable to wear when you get on your horse. Look after your boots using boot trees when they're not being worn, as this will also help them to keep their shape. We provide boot trees with all Mountain Horse boot purchases which is super handy!

Check out the Mountain Horse guide to fitting boots:

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