How to Correctly Fit and Measure Your Race Safe Body Protector

May 28, 2021 3 min read

How to Correctly Fit and Measure Your Race Safe Body Protector

Racesafe are among the market leaders in the UK when it comes to body protector brands. Their products are designed to offer unrivalled fit and performance as well as comfort. They’re also lightweight and flexible making them perfect for a wide range of riders. However, for your new body protector to do its job it needs to be fitted correctly. If you live locally to Huddersfield, you can pop into Equiflair for a fitting, and we’ll help you find the correct size. But we know this obviously isn’t ideal for everybody, so we’ve put together a quick guide which explains how to fit your Racesafe body protector if ordering online.

Getting Started

Before you begin, you will ideally need a soft tape measure to take your measurements. It’s also handy to get a friend or family member to help as it can often be tricky reaching round to your back area, and it’s important that all the measurements are accurate. We’d recommend that you wear a lightweight top such as a base layer to ensure you have a neat and close fit.

Chest Measurements

Chest measurement


The first step is to measure your chest/bust area. Pull the tape measure around the fullest part of your chest/bust area and jot the number down in inches.

Shoulder Measurements

Shoulder Measurement

The next step is to measure over your shoulder, which determines the length of your torso. Start by finding the right point. This is about 2cm/1’’ below your bottom ribs and just above the belly button. This is where the body protector needs to come down to at the front, as it is long enough to protect your ribs but still allows freedom of movement. Take the tape measure from this point and bring it up over your shoulder down to the point on your back which sits level at the front. If you can’t get any help for this bit, use a mirror to see the correct point on your back. Once you have the measurement, jot it down as this will suggest whether you need the standard or tall size option.

Back Measurements

Back measurement

The final measurement is for the back length of the body protector, we’d recommend getting some help at this stage unless you’ve got the flexibility of an Olympic gymnast! Start by locating the most prominent C7 vertebrae at the back of your neck, and then start measuring down from this to where you want the body protector to finish. This may be different for everyone, but you will need to be able to move in the saddle without the body protector interfering. It’s sometimes easier to take this measurement when you’re sat in your saddle. Simply leave at least a hands width clearance from the seat of the saddle. Jot this measurement down once you’ve got it, as this will help decide which back size to go for, as each size has four different back options to choose from.

Determine Your Size

Size Chart

Refer to the size chart with your measurements which you’ve already written down. Firstly, find the size that your chest measurement falls into. It’s worth mentioning that there is a cross over between many sizes, so if your measurement falls across two sizes, pick the smaller of the two. Next, see whether your shoulder measurement falls under the standard or tall for that size. Finally, see which of the four back options is correct for your measurements. You should now have your size and you can check whether we have it in stock on our website.

One Final Check

Watch Racesafe’s video which explains how to check the fit of your body protector once it has arrived.

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