Horse Riding Gloves For Every Occasion

June 24, 2021 3 min read

Horse Riding Gloves For Every Occasion

Gloves are a horse riders best friend whatever the weather. In winter they keep our fingers toasty warm while we’re riding and looking after our horses. In summer they help us to grip the reins better. There are so many different styles on the market, each with their own purpose and unique features. Here are our top picks.

For colder weather  - The Roeckl Waregem Waterproof Winter Gloves

Roeckl Waregem Gloves

Although these come with a rather high price tag, we can guarantee that they are worth every single penny. These gloves are extremely well insulated using layers of Roeckls innovative fabrics – Roeck-tex membrane and Vaporflex as well as a comfortable, soft lining. The Roeck-tex membrane is a waterproof, quick drying outer fabric that keeps the gloves warm and dry in rainy conditions. These gloves fit snugly around your hands like a second skin, making them perfect for riding and doing jobs on the yard. There is non of the bulkiness that comes with some winter gloves which can sometimes become a hinderance when tacking up! There is also a silicone grip on the palms to help you keep hold of the reins, as well as having a touchscreen compactible function on the thumb so you can still use your phone when needed. Ideal!

For warmer weather – The LeMieux Pro Touch Mesh Riding Gloves

LeMieux Pro Touch Mesh Gloves

These gloves are known to be perfect for summer days, and work well as either every day rising gloves or competition gloves. They’re super lightweight, and feature a flexible back and perforated palm for ultimate breathability. There is also a wraparound closure on the cuff which helps for a secure, snug fit. Available in the practical colours of black or brown so they go with any riding outfit you have on.

For grooming – The LeMieux Hands On Grooming Gloves

LeMieux Grooming Gloves

Gloves for grooming? That’s right! Grooming gloves are absolutely brilliant for horses that love to cake themselves in mud as it stops your hands from also getting caked in mud. They’re a revolutionary concept which go that one step further than curry combs. These gloves are full of small scrubbing nodules on the fingers and palms which help you remove the toughest of mud baths as well as stable stains. As well as this, you can de-shed your horses winter coat at the same time as giving him a lovely relaxing massage. Great for bonding sessions and finding your horses fave scratchy spots!

For wet weather – The LeMieux Pro Touch Waterproof lite gloves

LeMieux Waterproof Gloves

Fair weather rider who? These gloves are another pair that are slightly on the pricey side, but for fully waterproof, durable gloves you’d expect as much! As always, you get what you pay for. These gloves have a fully waterproof micro membrane on the outer which acts as a barrier against water, as well as reducing sweat and heat build up. There is a Thinsulate thermal lining which helps to keep your hands warm in the wind, but they’re also flexible enough to still feel your reins. They’re a must have if you’re a British rider.

For competitions – Roeckl Madrid Riding Gloves  

Roeckl Madrid Gloves

These gloves offer ultimate elegance as well as function. The elaborate backhand design is made of the finest materials so that you can stand out from the crowd at your next competition. They feature delicate Roeckl letting in a metal look with a coloured edging band in fine gold or silver. The materials used are also incredibly lightweight and breathable to give you the flexibility you need when in the showjumping ring, as well as a slip stop trim to give you the perfect grip on your reins. The highlight of these gloves is that they are also touchscreen compactible, meaning you can still use your phone whilst wearing your gloves.

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