Equiflairs Complete Guide To Safety Stirrups

June 09, 2021 4 min read

Equiflairs Complete Guide To Safety Stirrups

Safety stirrups have become extremely popular in recent years and rightly so. They provide people with extra confidence that they could prevent injuries from occurring in the event of a fall. There are many brands out there that stock them, but it can become a bit of a minefield sometimes with technical language and jargon. We’re here to help take the confusion out of safety stirrups so you can decide on the right make and model for your riding.

First things first, what actually are safety stirrups?

Peacock Stirrups

Safety stirrups are stirrups which are designed to release your foot in the case of an accident. In doing so the idea is that they can reduce the chances of you getting your foot caught in your stirrup when you fall, which could then result in you being dragged along by your horse. Not a nice thought! Originally, the only safety stirrups that used to be out there were called Peacock Stirrups, which feature an elastic band and leather keeper down the outside of the stirrup. These look more like the traditional stainless steel stirrup irons, and are popular with children who are learning to ride because they are the cheapest option out there.

What about the other models?

Safety Stirrups have advanced a lot since Peacock Stirrups! There are now many more advanced designs out there that even have features such as a tilted tread to help your leg position. See the below for our top picks.

Acavallo Arena Alupro Stirrups

Acavallo Arena Alupro Stirrups

Available in a whole range of colours to suit your tastes, the Arena Stirrups are a brilliant choice for all-round riders who do a bit of everything – jumping, schooling, and hacking. The stirrup bow is made of aluminium, and the opening arm of a polyamide material making them hard wearing and reliable. The main feature of these stirrups is the locking and release system of the stirrup arm, which is stress activated in the case of an emergency. This arm easily clicks back into place once the mechanism has been triggered so you can get back on board as soon as possible. There is also a special spring effect built into the design, which helps riders feel more comfortable, and absorbs shock from activities such as rising trot or jumping. Therefore, these stirrups are also recommended for riders who may suffer from orthopaedic problems.

The Acavallo Arena Alupro Stirrupsare priced at £128, making them one of the cheaper options out there.

Freejump Air’s Stirrup Irons

Freejump AIR'S Stirrups

The Freejump AIR’S Stirrups set a new standard in the world of traditional looking stirrups. They combine safety, style, customisation and incorporate technical details to help you keep a stable position in the saddle. The upper headband of these stirrups are made to trigger in the case of high pressure to release the foot if necessary. As well as this, they offer one of the highest levels of shock absorption on the market due to the Air Cushion elastomer sole. There are also various different options available for the tread and stirrup leather eye to help with the riders position according to what discipline they enjoy.  A flat tread would be best suited to riders who enjoy hacking and flatwork, while an inclined tread would be ideal for eventers and riders who love to jump. This is because when the tread is at an angle, it’s easier to keep the leg in a more stable position, with the heels down. Pretty cool!

The Freejump AIR’S are priced at £180, and come in the colours black, red, navy or choco.

Flex-On Safe-On Stirrups

Flex-On Safe-On Stirrups

Flex-On Stirrups are perhaps one of the most popular brands out there, with their Safe-On model being a bestseller. These stirrups are lightweight but durable thanks to the organically sourced polyamide material and internal steel frame. The main selling point of these stirrups is the retractable arm which releases the foot by opening the outer arm of the stirrup under a certain amount of pressure. Once released, the arm can easily be secured back into place again using the Allen key provided meaning you can get back on board straight after your accident, (providing you’re not injured!) without the need to buy any replacement parts. Like with most modern safety stirrups, there are also more design features incorporated with the Safe-On Stirrups such as a unique shock absorbing system and a wide tread which helps the rider maintain balance in the saddle.

Flex-On Safe-On Stirrups are priced at £224.95 so they are more at the upper end of the market. You’ll also receive a free gift when you buy them at Equiflair!

Freejump Soft Up Pro Plus Safety Stirrups

Free Jump Soft Up Pro Plus

The Freejump Soft Up Pro Plus Stirrups are the ideal choice for eventers as they combine performance, safety and simplicity when changing stirrups. The outer branch is made of a flexible Ellastollen material which helps to ensure the riders foot is released in the event of a fall. They also have an enlarged nonslip tread with rounded corners for great stability and comfort when riding. The branch of the stirrups is located at the front of the tread which provides a natural slope,  allowing for a more secure position. The open eye feature also allows riders to fasten the stirrups easily to the leathers – perfect if you’re an eventer and need to do a quick change between your dressage and jumping rounds!

The Soft Up Pro Plus Stirrups are priced at £249 and come in a wide range of different colour ways.

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