Equiflair Explains: Our Top 3 Showing Hacks to Get Your Horse Show Ring Ready

August 05, 2021 3 min read

Equiflair Explains: Our Top 3 Showing Hacks to Get Your Horse Show Ring Ready

August – the month where many of us will be looking to book events and shows into the diary, especially while international travel isn’t exactly ideal right now. Preparing for shows isn’t often easy though, so we’ve pulled together our top 3 tips and tricks for getting your horse show ring ready.

Getting those greys sparkling white

Grey horse

If you’re lucky enough to own a grey (sarcasm!) then you’ll know the pain of getting them ready for shows only too well. That moment you walk on the yard and see that they have been using their own poo as a pillow, and that they no have a collection of lovely stains on their face. Well, we have a couple of helpful tricks that you can use to help get your grey horse a bright white.

To get rid of stubborn yellow stains on tails, we swear by mixing baking soda with water and a grey shampoo to make a paste, before applying it to the tail. Work the paste up into a lather and leave it while you wash the rest of your horses body. Once you’ve finished bathing everywhere else or if you’ve left it for 10/15 minutes rinse it off and with any luck it should have made a difference. You can always rinse and repeat until you get the results you want.

Baby powder is also your new best friend. Once you’ve finished bathing, apply baby powder all over your horse’s coat, paying particular attention to the legs and tail. Its best to do this while the coat and tail is still wet as it will stick better and dry to become a lovely white colour. You can also touch this up at the show ground or use a chalk paste to help achieve a better white finish.

Hood or stocking for plaits

Horse hood

If you have a horse that needs to be plaited up for a show and you want to save time by plaiting up the night before then a hood or a fleece rug with a hood is a must. Otherwise we can guarantee that you’ll come up the next morning and they will all be undone! If you want a quick fix without going out and buying something specially, then we have the ideal hack for you. Simply cut an old stocking or pair of tights lengthways and cover your plaits with it. You’ll need to cover each plait with a band so that it doesn’t come loose, but it’s ideal for those who are last minute.com!

Baby oil and wipes

Baby oil

Once you arrive at the show ground there are a couple of simple essentials that you may need to achieve a perfect show ring finish. The first one of these is baby wipes. If your horse has somehow managed to get grubby on the way there, baby wipes will do a grand job of wiping the muck away. You can also spray a little bit of spot remover spray onto the wipe if it’s a particularly stubborn stain. Baby wipes are also great for giving your boots a quick wipe over before you enter the ring, so both you and your horse enter the ring looking spic and span.

Baby oil can also be used right before you enter the ring for around your horses muzzle, eyes, and darker features. This will just help them to stand out in the line up and hopefully catch the attention of whoever is in the ring judging!

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