Equiflair Explains: Keeping Your Horse Safe on Bonfire Night

November 01, 2021 3 min read

Equiflair Explains: Keeping Your Horse Safe on Bonfire Night

So many people are excited about bonfire night this year – especially as last year planned public displays and bonfires were prohibited due to the pandemic. But for horse owners it can often be a cause for concern. Loud bangs and flashing lights are just some of the things that can easily spook even the calmest of horses or ponies.  However, with a bit of careful planning you can keep your horse safe on bonfire night. Here are our top tips for helping them cope.

Keep to their routine

Horse in a Stable

Horses are creatures of habit, and changing their routine suddenly is likely to throw them off a little. If you stable your horse at night usually around this time of year, then carry on doing that. But if your horse is living out, there is no harm in keeping it this way providing there are no fireworks in any neighbouring fields. It’s always best to keep your horse with their usual field buddies for familiarity as well.

 Know when and where the planned displays are

Fireworks display

Sometimes there are planned displays on the days leading up to bonfire night or afterwards, not just on November the 5th. We’d recommend staying in the know about all the displays that are in the same proximity as your yard. If you keep your horse in a more residential area, it might be worth speaking to some of the neighbours to just remind them that there are horses nearby.

Get some horsey distractions

We always like to do as much as possible to distract horses from the fireworks going on. And we all know the way to a horse’s heart in through their stomach! Plenty of carrots, a treat ball or a lick should do the trick in keeping them distracted from what’s going on outside.

 Safety first

Secure fence field

Always check your horse’s field or stable before bonfire night, ensuring there’s nothing they could injure themselves on in the event that they panic. For example, in the field is all the fencing secure? In their stable check that there are no loose nails or bits of string that could cause an accident.

Plan your time carefully

Plan your day carefully around the evening when you know it’s more likely that there are fireworks. If you’re choosing to ride or exercise your horse, try and do it

Riding in daylight hours

during daylight hours when you know your horse won’t be spooked. The last thing you want is an injury to yourself as well as your horse!

Keep them company

We know it’s not possible to stay at your horse all night, but it will give you some peace if you go up there and spend time with them to check they’re okay once it’s dark and the fireworks are in full swing. This way you’ll know whether they’re calm or not. If they’re panicked by them, then your company should give them some comfort.

Buy some calmer just in case

Calmer Premier Performance

If you’re not sure how your horse will react, or you know they definitely get easily spooked then it might be worth investing in come calming powder or calming cookies. These may just take the edge off them if they’re feeling nervous.

You can buy a whole assortment of calmers and calming cookies in different flavours from Premier Performance.

Check your field the next day

Finally, our last tip is to always check your horses field the day after fireworks night. What goes up must come back down again and there is always so much debris lying around after fireworks displays. Always check your horses field the morning after to check that there is nothing they could choke on or injure themselves with.

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