Equiflair Explains: Coolers and Sheets

July 13, 2021 3 min read

Equiflair Explains: Coolers and Sheets

Lets be honest, the majority of our horses probably have a more extensive wardrobe than us humans do! This includes all those rugs you have buried away on your rug rack. When it comes to coolers and sheets, there are many different types of rugs to choose from, often meaning it’s hard to select the right choice for your horse.

What are coolers and sheets?

Cooler rug

If you’ve not guessed already, the clue is in the name. Coolers are rugs which have been specially designed to cool your horse down after exercise.  Generally, they are highly absorbent and wick moisture away so that your horse dries without catching a chill. There is more to it than just this though, and like we mentioned above, you can get many different types of coolers depending on the horses needs and the time of year.

For warmer weather

LeMieux Air-Tek Rug

If your horse has had a long summer workout or even if you’ve given them a bath and you’d like to speed up the drying process, then a mesh cooler rug would be the best choice. With the weather being warmer, you don’t want to go for a heavier cooler rug in case your horse overheats. However, mesh coolers are brilliant because they allow the air to flow freely and do not contain heat.

One of our favourite mesh coolers is the LeMieux Arika Air-Tek Sheet Rug.This is a super lightweight and highly breathable mesh sheet which is ideal for hotter conditions. It features linear cooling strips along the body to provide maximum air flow to cool your horse down. There is also a lined chest section with adjustable front fastenings and simple cross surcingles to maintain a comfortable fit.

For colder weather

When the weather starts getting a bit more winterey, it’s just as important to help cool your horse down in the right way. If they have been sweating in cold weather and you leave them without a rug on it could mean that they cool down too quickly and catch a chill. Using a heavier cooler such as a fleece means that you’ll be able to control how much heat escapes and cool your horse down slower to keep them healthy. Most of these rugs also have wicking qualities, which means your horse will stay dry and comfortable. Another great quality for these rugs is that you can also use them under stable rugs to layer up your horse on colder nights – especially useful if you have a horse who is clipped.

LeMieux Jersey Tek Rug

For a nice lightweight fleece rug, we’d recommend going for the LeMieux Arika Jersey-Tek Rug. It’s made from a luxury, super soft fleece material making it also perfect for travelling or at shows, as well as being a great cooler on chillier days. This rug features a raised inner which keeps it looking smart and is fastened using a front chest fastening and cross surcingles.  

If you’re after a slightly thicker, more quilted rug then the LeMieux Arika Clima-Tek Rug

LeMieux Clima Tek Rug

is perfect. Made from a multi-layered structure of acrylic and wool, this rug is ideal for moisture management. The structure of the materials controls the horse’s muscle temperature during the cooling process, but allows heat to escape meaning your horse wont cool down too quickly. The seamless design hugs the horse’s body comfortably to produce a great wicking effect, meaning that moisture doesn’t build up on the inside of the rug. There are also removable double-lock belly straps which make this rug super easy to wash and dry too!

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