The 5 Equestrian Bags That You Need In Your Life!

July 01, 2021 3 min read

The 5 Equestrian Bags That You Need In Your Life!

Bags – we love everything about them! Some are more practical, other we simply love for the fashion. Now you have the chance to bring your bag shopping addiction to a whole new level. Here are the 5 equestrian bags we think you simply must have in your tack room.

LeMieux Pro Grooming Bag

LeMieux Pro Groom bag

The grooming bag that every horse owner who LOVES organisation needs! This grooming bag has individual compartments inside, allowing each of your fave brushes and products to have their own designated area in the bag. The compartments are tall enough to fit fly spray or detangler bottles in, or even your horses boots making the bag perfect for taking to shows or arena hires. Two smaller zipped pockets also feature – one on the outside for essentials like plaiting bands, and one on the inside which could be used to store hoof picks or combs. The detachable strap and grab handle make it easy to carry about the yard or showground, and the durable outer fabric will keep everything safe from the rain and mud.

Charles Owen Hat Bag

Keep your riding hat clean and protected with the Charles Owen Hat bag. This bag is padded, with a satin quilting on the inside to help your hat stay in tip top condition while travelling. As well as this, there are also ventilation holes to keep your hat feeling fresh. Outer pockets also feature which are perfect for storing essentials such as stock pins, hair nets, hair clips or bobbles in so you’ll never be left at a loss when you’re out and about.

LeMieux Wash Bag

LeMieux Washbag

There is nothing worse than washing your saddlepads and boots in your home washing machine, and then getting horse hair all over everything else that follows. This pesky issue can be eradicated by simply using a laundry bag for all your horsey items. Not only will it keep your expensive pads and boots protected in the wash, but you’ll also no longer find horse hair in places you don’t want to see horse hair! It’s very simple to use, just pop all your bits into the bag and close with the zip fastening before putting into your machine.

LeMieux Pro Stable Bandage Tidy

LeMieux Pro Stable Bandage Tidy

Boots and bandages are those items that can easily get lost in your stable or tack room, and nobody wants to be left with only 3 bandages or boots! The LeMieux Pro Stable Bandage Tidy is great for keeping your boots and bandages organised, tidy and more importantly in one place. This stable tidy bag can attach to the side of your stable or be hung in the tack room. It can easily fit one full set of bandages in as well as having a larger section to fit stable boots in. There is also an extra pocket at the top for storage of other essentials like tail bandages or vet wrap.

LeMieux Show Kit Hay Tidy Bag

LeMieux Hay Tidy Bag

Never waste hay again with the LeMieux Hay Tidy Bag! This bag is perfect for shows when you need to let your horse rest between classes or for travelling as it will keep your trailer or lorry tidier. The waterproof denier outer means your horses hay will never get soggy if it rains (heaven forbid!) while the window means your horse can still easily get to the hay. This bag is also ideal for greedier horses as it prolongs eating.

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