Why You Should Choose Breathable Boots For Your Horse

July 01, 2021 2 min read

Why You Should Choose Breathable Boots For Your Horse

Many horse owners use boots to protect their precious horses legs from knocks and scrapes while riding, as well as supporting the sensitive tendon areas. But how many of you knew that when choosing boots, breathable is the best choice for your horse?

What’s so special about breathability?

Horse legs

Let’s pause for a moment and consider our horses legs. They are made up with a complex structure of tendons and ligaments, and their main purpose is to support the weight of the horse’s body. When we work our horses, we are naturally adding more strain on these tendons and ligaments, more so than what they would put up with in the wild. Due to this, they are at more risk of injury. As many of us know, the tendons in the horses’ legs generate heat when worked. Adding boots onto the legs as well will generate more heat than usual and could potentially result in your horses’ tendons overheating. Therefore, it’s important to have super breathable boots which allows the air to flow freely through them to help keep your horses tendons at a normal level.

Which are our favourites?

At Equiflair we stock lots of different styles of boots which are breathable. Here are our favourites.

LeMieux Ultra Mesh Snug Boots

LeMieux Ultra Mesh Snug Boots

These boots are ideal for schooling and popping the odd jump, and even better, they match the LeMieux Ultra Mesh Collection so you can go matchy matchy with your boots, saddlepad and fly veil! Made up of a multi-layered micro 3D mesh, these boots gives a high compression factor while offering shock absorption without any bulk. The individual cells contain four perforations which generate a rapid cooling effect. There are also 18 air vents around the tendons and fetlock to ensure air circulates and keeps the boots breathable. The TPU strike pad then prevents injury from knocks and scrapes while riding.

LeMieux Carbon Mesh Wrap Boots

LeMieux Carbon Mesh Wrap Boots

A combination between polo bandages and brushing boots, the Carbon Mesh Boots are perfect for schooling sessions or hacking out. Again, these boots are made with a 3D mesh material which allows air to circulate feely to keep the tendons cooler during work. The wrap around design also allows for good flexibility and range of movement so you can perform all those lateral movements with ease in the school. We will mention that these boots aren’t ideal for horses who are known to brush quite heavily, as there is not a moulded strike pad as such.

LeMieux Carbon Air Cross Country Boots

LeMieux Cross Country Boots

The LeMieux Carbon Air Boots are smart, durable, and most importantly super breathable thanks to the vented design. Perfect for eventers, these cross-country boots allow air to circulate throughout the boot to keep the tendons cool as well as featuring cutting edge shock absorption. They wrap the full way around the horses’ legs to help protect the horses front, back and side of the legs. Although there is a hardwearing strike pad, it’s made of a flexible polycarbonate material to help prevent injuries while remaining incredibly lightweight. They are also snugly fitting with a soft EVA lining and an elasticated locking strap to keep the boots securely in place.

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