Five Ways To Treat Your Horse This Summer

June 02, 2021 3 min read

Five Ways To Treat Your Horse This Summer

This recent spell of good weather has definitely picked up our spirits at Equiflair! Late evening hacks in the sunshine and lots of quality time with our horses are such a treat for us when all we’ve had recently is rain and hardly any riding! But what about treating your horses now the temperatures are rising? We’ve come up with five sure found ways to keep your horse happy this summer.

Fly veils and fly masks

Woof Wear Noise Cancelling Fly Veil

Flies are such a nuisance at this time of year, especially when you go out hacking through the woods and your poor horse gets attacked by midges. One way to help this issue is to invest in a decent fly veil so your horses ears are protected when you’re riding. You can get all kinds of styles and colours so there is something to suit everyone. We even stock acoustic fly veils, which help to drown out background noise so your horse can stay focused on their job. Kills two birds with one stone if your horse can get a bit anxious or stressed on rides out. Fly masks are also perfect for turn out on those warmer days, and helps to keep your horses sensitive eyes and ears fly free.

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LeMieux Hippo Scrubber

Obviously, we wouldn’t advocate bathing your horse every week as their coat needs to retain their natural oils. However, as we’ve now come out of winter there’s no harm in picking a lovely sunny day to give your horse a good bath. This will also help you to shed the last of their winter coats too. Grab yourself a LeMieux Hippo Scrubber along with some Carr, Day and Martin Shampoo and get to work. The Hippo Scrubber is a useful tool which has a dual action sponge and scrubber attached allowing you to really shampoo deep into your horses coat to get rid of the grime. The sponge can also be replaced as and when you need to making it very cost effective.

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Breathable boots

LeMieux Carbon Mesh Wrap Boots

It can be hard work for horses exercising in the warmer weather, and if your horse needs to wear boots their legs can get sweaty fast. Breathable boots are such a good solution for the summer months, when you still require protection for the legs, but you also want to keep your horse cool and comfortable. The LeMieux Carbon Mesh Wrap Boots are quick drying, lightweight and extremely breathable. Made from a perforated carbon mesh material, they allow hot air to escape through the mesh to keep the tendons cool during work.

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Breathable pad

LeMieux Self Cooling Pad

Ditch your thick saddle pads as we step into summer and treat your horse to a more breathable pad for exercising in when the weathers warm. LeMieux have a new self-cooling saddle pad, which is made from an innovative fabric with a cooling crystal kneaded into the weave. This is activated by moisture so as your horse works up a sweat, the more the pad will cool them down.

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UV Protection

Woof Wear UV Nose Protector

Protecting your horses’ skin from the suns harmful rays is super important, especially if they have sensitive or pink skin. One way you can do this is by investing in a UV nose protector. Woof Wear offer a UV nose protection attachment which can be attached to their UV fly masks. The nosepiece is made of a mesh material so blocks the sun from the nose, as well as being breathable. It’s also fully adjustable so it doesn’t get in the way when your horse in munching.

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