5 Riding Hats to Dazzle the Most Glamourous of Riders

May 20, 2021 3 min read

5 Riding Hats to Dazzle the Most Glamourous of Riders

Ultimately, our riding hats have one job to do – to protect our heads in the unfortunate event that we fall off our horse. However, there’s no reason why you can’t fall with style! For riders who love a bit of sparkle, we’ve pulled together 5 of our favourite hats that ooze glamour.

The Charles Owen Halo Helmet

This hat is bound to make a statement in any show ring. It’s sleek, sophisticated design is available in black or navy with a matte or glossyfinish depending on your preference. There is also a wide peak option if you prefer that style. Polished off with a metallic ring of either rose gold or platinum the halo has that understated feel to it. Not only does it deliver in terms of the design, but it also has many brilliant technical details such as 360-degree ventilation, an antimicrobial lining and a luxury padded head/neck support. Safety wise, it has three international safety standards including PAS015 and MIPS technology as an optional extra to keep you feeling confident.

The One K Defender Air Glamour Helmet

One K Defender

For those who love a bit of bling, the One K Defender Air Glamour Helmet features genuine Swarovski crystals to help you stand out from the crowd. This one is available in black and rose gold, or navy and chrome with a modern looking shape. Along with looking good, the One K Defender Air Helmets are perfect for riders who are in between head sizes, as the revolutionary air pump system allows you inflate the hidden air pockets in the liner to get a custom fit.

The UVX Suxxeed Starshine Helmet

UVEX Suxxeed Starshine Helmet

The epitome of sporting elegance, the UVX Suxxeed Starshine Helmet is embellished with genuine Swarovski crystals and glitter. Available in black, navy and rose gold with a matte finish this helmet will be the shining jewel of your riding outfit. There are also a wide range of technical details which complement the design including 3D IAS fit system, meaning you’re able to adjust the hat for a unique fit.


The Samshield Build your Own Helmet Design

Samshield Build Your Own Helmet Design

This option gets you ultimate versatility when it comes to Samshield Helmets. Choose between a matte or glossy shell in either black, navy, or brown, along with a collection of different finishes for the top and frontal band. Some of your options include a range of Swarovski designs, glitter, leather floral and lizard skin style. For all serious competition riders, there is also the option to add your sponsors logo as a sticker and a personalised chin strap. It goes without saying that Samshield exceeds all safety standards, with all designs going through a rigorous testing process to ensure that you feel safe in the saddle.

The Charles Owen Pro ll Plus Jockey Skull Hat

Charles Owen Jockey Skull Cap

With a superior safety standard, fit, ventilation and gorgeous rose gold design, the Charles Owen Pro ll Plus Jockey Skull Hat ticks all the boxes. This hat is perfect for cross country riders as there is a headband that can easily be replaced once broken down to breathe life back into your helmet. There is also the option to choose different coloured hat silks so your cross-country colours can all match. The ventilation that’s built into this hat is second to none, meaning you can keep cool when riding. Safety wise, it meets ASTM standards and has a GPPX technology harness for enhanced stability on your head.

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