4 Ways to Prepare Yourself and Your Horse for Autumn

September 29, 2021 3 min read

4 Ways to Prepare Yourself and Your Horse for Autumn

You may have noticed the sudden change and drop in the temperatures now which can only mean one thing… autumn/winter is approaching! You probably have a long list of jobs to do before we’re in the height of the season, and it can be hard to prioritise amongst other things. Don’t worry though, we’ve come up with the top 4 things you need to do to prepare for autumn.

Repair and Wash Your Turnout Rugs

You may have already done this if you’re a mega organised sort of person, but if you’re more like us and tend to do things last minute then this needs to be top of your list!

LeMieux Arika Rug

As the temperatures turn or if you clip your horse you’ll need to be prepared with your warmer rugs – some of which may have become damaged from the previous winter. If you repair your rugs yourself using patches, a good tip that we’ve picked up is to use dental floss instead of thread to sew them on. It’s waterproof, much tougher than thread and often easier to sew onto thicker rugs. You can also send your rugs away to washed, repaired and thoroughly re-proofed so that they’re clean and ready to keep your horse dry when the rain hits.

If you fancy splashing out and treating your horse to a new rug, the LeMieux Arika Rugscould be a good choice. They feature stable rugs with liners so that you can adjust the weight of the rug to suit your horse or the temperature which can work out much more cost effective. Their Storm-Tek Turnout Rughas also won a gold award for innovation at this year’s Beta International due to its fantastic design and features.

LeMieux Arika Rugs

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Clean Out Your Stable

Horse in a stable

If your horse is stabled and will start coming in on a night soon, we always like to do a full clean and disinfection of the stable. It can be quite a time-consuming job so might be worth choosing a few days where you know your horse will definitely be out so you can crack on.  Start by removing all the bedding and hay from in the stable. If you use rubber matting, then pull these out and give them a good wash with disinfectant – if you have a power wash then this is even better and would be less effort for you when getting rid of the grime. Then do the same but inside the stable, taking care to wipe down doors etc. Once this is done then you can start to build your horses bed back up again, so they have a nice comfortable bed and clean stable for their first night in.

Book in or Change Your Horses Appointments

Farrier with tools

As the weather changes so does your horses hooves, and they actually slow down in growth. If this is something you notice with your horses feet, then it may be worth speaking to your farrier to go from 6 weeks to 8 for getting your horses feet done. Not often we can save money in winter as horse owners so if your horse is comfortable to go longer then you may as well! If you clip your horse out it may also be worth getting your first appointment in the diary as professional clippers often get booked up at the start of Autumn. Of course, you may be lucky and talented enough to clip your own horse but for us we prefer to leave it to the professionals.

Have a Clear Out!

LeMieux Waterproof Coat

This is the perfect time to have a clear out of yours and your horses’ things. Use this time to get rid of any old tack that you no longer use. If you have anything that is in good enough condition to sell then you could even try listing some bits on Facebook marketplace to make a few extra pennies. It’s definitely also worth going through your own riding wardrobe. Maybe you’ve got a pair of breeches that are years old and never wear anymore? Just get rid of them and make way to treat yourself to a new pair.

If you are after a few new bits for yourself then LeMieux have a fantastic collection of Autumn/Winter clothing on offer. Featuring warm base layers, cosy fleeces, and long winter coats, they will have you kitted out for all weathers.

LeMieux Autumn Winter

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