3 things you may not know about the Veganza Young Rider Boots by Mountain Horse

May 19, 2021 2 min read

3 things you may not know about the Veganza Young Rider Boots by Mountain Horse

Looking for a new pair of riding boots for kids can often be challenging as it’s a lot of money to spend when you know their feet are still going to grow! Not only that, but if you prefer to go for a synthetic boot your choices will narrow down even further. Well, we think we have the ideal solution for you with the Mountain Horse Veganza Young Rider Boots.

They're Vegan Friendly

Amazingly, these boots are made from a durable synthetic leather material which is vegan friendly without compromising on the quality of the boots. As well as this, Mountain Horse are a brilliant brand to go with if you put sustainability and animal welfare at the heart of everything you do. Their philosophy is to make sustainable equestrian clothing using recycled fabrics and environmentally friendly processes. They have also made a pledge against animal cruelty to ensure that all animals are treated ethically, with all suppliers having to sign an Animal Welfare approach in their Code of Conduct. As equestrian brands go, they’re one of the more responsible ones! You can find out more over on their sustainability page. 

Mountain Horse Veganza Young Rider Boots

They’re perfect for growing feet

The days of your kids boots only lasting a year or so before having to be replaced are over! The Veganza Boots are always delivered with an extra, removable insole which allows the boots to be made two half sizes bigger when needed. Ingenious! Also, all Mountain Horse boots come with a free boot bag and boot trees to help you keep the boots in perfect condition. We always recommend using boot trees when the boots aren’t being worn as it helps them to maintain their shape.

They’re easier to keep clean

Because these boots are synthetic and not real leather, they can easily be cleaned using a mild dish soap and warm water. Simply sponge the dirt away, leave to dry and voila – they should be good as new. If this wasn’t enough, they also have been designed with dirt repellent tread zones to help keep them even cleaner. All these features make the Veganzas an ideal choice for those kids who have no concept of dirty puddles and expensive new boots!

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